Mart Klein

Mart Klein

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Capetown, Durban, Berlin, Constance, Sliema, Germany

Availability: Freelance



First Name * Mart
Last Name * Klein
Username * MartKlein
Country * Germany
City Capetown, Durban, Berlin, Constance, Sliema
Languages EnglishGerman


Current Company
Areas of Expertise Illustrator
Preferred Tools PhotoshopPainterCintiq


Availability: Freelance
Phone number 49 (0)30 / 120 740 88


Mart Klein
started his career in the past millennium at the age of 16 by creating cartoons for the German MAD Magazine. After studying communication design in Mainz under the reign of Prof. Rissler, he continued illustrating full-time. Serious Editorial illustration is what he does best. Besides this, he still likes writing, drawing, publishing and even reading comics and is the Co- Founder of his own Comic-Label Unfug Verlag. Mart handles a wide range of drawing and painting techniques both digital and analog. After all his years of experience nothing can scare him anymore. Can't anyone provide him with a decent challenge?


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